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Sukhi quality

Sukhi quality

At Sukhi, it’s not just about appearances. That’s why we go beneath the surface to create something you’ll treasure. Materials, techniques and tradition are all part of making a special rug.


Our materials

Our artisans only use the highest quality materials. Our customers love our non-toxic and allergy free materials, like pure wool. For example, our felt ball rugs are made with high quality 100% pure New Zealand wool. Only one color is used per felt ball. This makes sure the rugs stand the test of time. round-felt-ball-rug-quality-cheap


A high level of integrity

We’ve noticed other rug makers really do cut corners. And we think that’s unfortunate. Felt balls are stuffed with cheap waste materials. Many companies sell Beni Ourain rugs with 50% fewer knots. Their production costs go down because these companies only use half the wool. But the results suffer. There are many opportunities for short-cuts when it comes to rugs. Sukhi never takes them. These differences sometimes can’t be seen in website photos. But trust us. When you place your new rug in your home, you’ll notice.


Authentic products

We respect tradition and timeless craftsmanship. We, therefore, only make and sell originals. There are many lower quality rug “copy-cats” out there. They are from countries like China. We believe in tradition. Our Berber carpets come directly from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They are named after the Beni Ourain tribe who makes them. Our felt ball rugs always come directly from Nepal.


Ensuring results you’ll love

Many of our artisans work comfortably from home. We support them along the way with comprehensive training. Before each rug is shipped, we perform a detailed quality check. That way we can guarantee you’ll get a high quality rug. This approach really works. It lets us provide employment to artisans in many locations. It always ensures the highest quality end results.