Woolen Loop Rugs


What makes our woolen loop rugs so special? These rugs are each made from 100% soft wool straight from New Zealand. They are handmade with a keen eye for detail. These rugs don’t just look warm, but are warm. You’ll find that the Kabir feels toasty under your feet. Their attractive ivory grey color makes the Kabir an ideal fit for most rooms.


Wool has many natural properties. Our great Aarush rug is insulating, flexible and highly durable. It will last and last. Each rug is carefully dyed. The colors look just right. We think you’ll find the end results to be nothing short of amazing. You can place Aarush almost anywhere!


Our woolen loop rugs are springy and tough. But they are soft and warm. You’ll find that the quality of these rugs is exactly what you would expect from Sukhi. Made from the highest quality New Zealand wool, the thick lines of felt are folded just right. This process creates the beautiful black rug you see. A soft rug that is durable can be tricky to find. But don’t worry – we have you covered!


A white rug adds instant refinement. We think you’ll really appreciate all the effort and work that went into this rug. And it looks and feels so warm! Each Ayush is made by hand. This means you get a captivating one-of-a-kind look. Add to this the fact that these rugs are of heirloom quality. The end result is a special rug that will look lovely in any room.


Made from New Zealand, 100% wool, the Advik comes in camel. It is ready for any room and is super soft. Are you looking for the perfect combination of warmth, softness and durability? Then you will think this rug is something quite special. People have called this handmade rug “charming.” We think you’ll agree.


Wool has been used for rugs for centuries. There is a good reason for this. Wool is warm. It looks amazing when dyed. And it has other great properties like being highly durable and soft to the touch. The Ansh is a brown woolen loop rug that really lives up to this tradition of rug making. It’s made by hand from 100% New Zealand wool. It is an easy and fun way to bring life to any room.